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Order a HydraLight™ Fuel Cell Pack of 2 today for only $26.95! You can also upgrade your order to a Pack of 4 for only $48.51 and you'll save 10% or you can order a Pack of 6 for only $68.73 and save 20%. Best of all, you'll pay no shipping and processing no matter how many HydraLight™ Fuel Cells you order today!

State tax may apply – UT & NV

If each HydraLight™ Fuel-cell fails to provide up to 300 hours of continuous light across multiple water dips return it for a full replacement.

***An additional 7.95 P&H is added for items sent to Canada.

****An additional $12.95 P&H is added for items sent to Guam, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, US Virgin Islands and Alaska.

Disclaimer: *Refers to TRADITIONAL BATTERIES, typically used in flashlights, which make electricity from energy stored EXCLUSIVELY INSIDE the batteries. The HydraLight™ uses a Fuel Cell which is not considered a TRADITIONAL BATTERY as it requires EXTERNAL elements, such as water, to make electricity.

**25 year shelf life when not in use. A new/unused HydraLight™ will store for 25 years in a dry non-extreme environment.

HydraLight™ is a registered trademark of HydraLight™ International and is marketed by Infomercials, Inc. Hydralight “Hydra-Cell” Fuel Cell has been tested to work up to 100 continuous hours on a single water dip at room temperature. Three water dips of up to 100 continuous hours are estimated before the life of the fuel cell is exhausted. More water dips can be employed for shorter lengths of time; or where high temperatures cause the fuel cell to dry in less than 100 hours. Product does not derive energy directly from water. Water and the embedded salt are the catalyst which enables the process of transferring electrons from the anode to the cathode to create power. For maximum results, after five water dips, dipping the fuel cell in salt water, or water with salt added, will provide maximum brightness. After life of fuel cell has been exhausted, discard fuel cell and replace with new fuel cell. ANY WHITE RESIDUE IS A SAFE BLEND OF SALT AND OTHER HARMLESS BYPRODUCTS. THERE IS NO HARMFUL ACID IN THIS PRODUCT!

U.S. Pat. No. 9,927,077